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Change That Doesn't Cost The Earth

Inspired by nature, Bag And Boop offer a unique range of award-winning plastic-free products. Discover our 100% natural grooming range, healing balms & pet hair removal tool. Plus our game-changing compostable poop bags. All of these are firm favourites among dog owners, walkers, groomers and retailers alike throughout the UK.

Join us and reduce your plastic paw print today.

green apple awards winner 2022 bag and boop for helping the enviroment
pet industry award finalist 2022 bag and boop compostable poo bags uk
Compostable poop bags for your dog. . EN13432 and OK compostable certified by Bag And Boop

Discover The Difference

Those biodegradable poo bags you purchased in a bid to go greener are pretty much pointless. Let us introduce you to a true difference-maker, compostable poo bags for dogs, - minus that annoying sticker.

compostable poop bags for your dog

Clean With Nature

Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, those mischievous fox poo rollers, puppies and every wagging tail in-between. Each bar is handmade by us using 100% natural ingredients in our kitchen in Cheshire.

Nose and balm by Bag And Boop. Perfect for cracked paws and dry noses

Heal With Nature

Utilising the healing powers of nature we've created a range of balms that'll heal cracked paws/noses, stinky sore wrinkles, skin conditions, nervousness and separation anxiety.


Even the best poop fairy gets confused about what's best for planet. It's easy due to those fancy words, pictures of nature and cute dogs on the packaging. Fear not, fellow poop fairy our handy guide will help you see the poop through the leaves, enjoy. (Always remember to pick up after your dog, do not leave bags discarded in bushes, trees or waterways).


Made from plastic - generally polyethene. Very misleading as everything is degradable (your car, rots eventually doesn't it). Can take up to 1000 years to break down - during which micro-plastics are left behind which pollute the soil, oceans and waterways.


The most misleading of the three due to fancy wording and imagery. Made from a combination of petroleum, chemicals and additional micro-organisms. There is no set time frame, standards or certification required to validate or prove any claims regarding the degradation process/time frame. Take years to break down. 


Made from renewable sources (corn starch). Has to adhere to strict European standards - Within 12 weeks no more than 10% of the original material remains in pieces bigger than 2mm, along with zero contamination of the soil. *Results based on ideal composting conditions. Leaves behind ZERO micro-plastics, just soil-enriching nutrients.

Compostable poop bags for dogs

Degradable dog poop bags.png
Poo Bag Experiment

Still unconvinced about switching to compostable poop bags for dogs. We guarantee the results and accompanying video footage of what happened when we buried degradable, biodegradable & compostable dog poo bags for six months, which will change your opinion.

Pet Hair Removal Tool

Furmoved Pet hair removal brush is designed to tackle even the most stubborn and persistent pet hair, that even the most upscale hoover can't remove.

It's made in the UK from plant-derived PLA, so it is eco-friendly and it’s perfect for furniture, carpets, clothes, stairs, bedding and car detailing.

bag and boop compostable dog poo bags. Dog grooming supplies, dog balms.


Bag And Boop is a family-run small independent UK business with a passion for dogs and the great outdoors. Our mission is to help turn the tide on plastic waste and eradicate the use of harmful chemicals in grooming products throughout the pet industry.

All whilst inspiring others to reduce their plastic paw print.


Are you a dog walker, boarder, pet sitter that's looking to reduce your plastic paw print?

If so, please contact us to discover the amazing discounts available on our exclusive bundle deals.


Looking to add a plastic-free range to your existing inventory?  Love Bag And Boop and want to stand out from your competitors?

Our products are available for wholesale - regardless of the size of your business.

subscription service

Never run out of poop bags again thanks to our monthly subscription service.

You'll receive 10% discount on your order every month when you subscribe. Pause and cancel anytime from your account.

Green Forest

Giving Back & Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We've signed up with Ecologi - A UK-based organization, whose mission is to turn the tide on carbon emissions.  Every month Bag And Boop will make a donation - resulting in 13 trees planted in reforestation projects. These include, Mangrove planting in Madagascar, reforesting in Changalane, Mozambique and reforestation projects in Scotland, with the Future Forest Company.

Take a look at our Ecologi profile - view our progress, discover how we offset our delivery emissions, and if you like you can even make a contribution to our forest.

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