Poop Bags

dogs with compostable dog poop bags made from cornstarch

Why Bag And Boop Compostable Dog Poop Bags?

Enjoy an array of benefits when switching to Bag And Boop Compostable dog poop bags.
  • The equivalent of just 5p per bag.
  • Subscribe and save 15% per box.
  • Plastic-free, made from renewable resources - Cornstarch.
  • No annoying sticker that rips the bags at the beginning of the roll.
  • Available in single boxes or the best value money-saving multi-buy bundles.
  • Leak proof, strong & tear resistant - Pick up poo with confidence, no leaks or finger through bags incidents.
  • Better value for money compared to the market leading brands as our standard box contains 80 bags (compared to the standard 60 bags) - plus a saving of 50p -£1 per box!
  • Certified to the highest international standards for compostability - TÜV AUSTRIA Home/Industrial Compost and EN13432 standards.

Join us and make the switch today

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Dog enjoying the garden
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