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Furmoved® Pet Hair Removal Tool

Furmoved® Pet Hair Removal Tool

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Designed and made by ourselves, Furmoved® Pet Hair Removal Tool has four unique individual edges specifically designed to remove embedded pet hair from furniture, clothes, cars, pet bedding, stairs, carpets, hard floors, cat houses and scratch posts

Made from plant-derived PLA and silicone, our unique registered design is compact, convenient, lightweight and the answer to removing the hair your hoover left behind - or areas you simply can't access with a hoover.

 • Deep Clean Teeth: Perfect for tackling large areas, stairs & car mats. The go-to side for those wanting to deep clean a specific area.

 • Moderate Teeth: Ideal for clothing, pet bedding and hard-to-reach tight spaces.

 • Smooth Edge: Perfect for leather sofas, delicate materials and hard surfaces/floors.

 . Curved Edge: Make light work of stair edges, cat house edges/platforms, and ends of furniture and posts.


Provides a deeper clean than upmarket hoovers.

Quick and easy to use

Costs nothing to run (unlike your hoover)

Gentle on all surfaces.

Gives you access to places your hoover can't reach.

How To Use Furmoved

Using your desired edge, move the tool across the surface in multiple directions to remove the embedded pet hair. Repeat this process until a satisfactory level of removal has been achieved.

Made In The UK

Furmoved ® Pet Hair Removal Tool is made in the UK by ourselves.

The silicone part is sourced from a company in Yorkshire.

The PLA sections either side of the silicon are 3D printed by ourselves.

Registered Design

Furmoved® Pet Hair Removal Tool has been listed and approved as a registered design with the UK Governments Intellectual Property Office.

Our product cannot be replicated without permission from ourselves. Legal action will be taken.

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