Do you want to say goodbye to the most annoying thing about dog poo bags?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

If like me, you like to be prepared for the collection of doggie parcels whilst embracing the great outdoors. The adrenaline rush of getting that poop bag on your hand before your dogs finished has become an exhilarating challenge during lockdown (if you didn't do it, you will now).

But wait a moment, life's not that simple. You discover it's a fresh roll of poo bags and that sticker is hell-bent on staying put. However, you're a savvy dog walker and the voice in your head says "remember your training...peel in the direction of the arrow, channel your knowledge gained from the YouTube video you watched on how to peel off a sticker".

But damnit, it rips the bag or even more annoyingly, the one underneath. Just like that, a simple process has you flustered, muttering under your breath and looking for that poop - as inevitably your dogs finished and want to drag you in another direction.

Fear not, as Bag And Boop have the solution. We're the first and only compostable dog poop bag company in the UK to have swapped the annoying sticker for a recyclable kraft paper sleeve.

So now, you can relax during your present collecting and save money as you'll get to use all the bags you've paid for.

That's not all. Our standard box contains 4 rolls of 20 bags - 80 per box for £4.99

Compared to the standard 4 rolls of 15 - 60 per box for £5.49 - £5.99

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Visit your hub for reducing your plastic paw print. Change that doesn't cost the earth.

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