What's the difference?
compostable dog poop bags made from cornstarch by Bag And Boop. Suitable for dogs and cats

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Poo Bag Guide

Even the best poop fairy gets confused about whats best for planet. It's easy due to those fancy words, pictures of nature and cute dogs, on the  packaging. Fear not, fellow poop fairy our handy guide will help you see the poop through the leaves.


Made from plastic - generally polyethene. Very misleading as everything is degradable (your car, rots eventually doesn't it). Can take up to 1000 years to break down - during which micro-plastics are left behind which pollute the soil, oceans and waterways.


The most misleading of the three due to fancy wording and imagery. Made from a combination of petroleum, chemicals and additional micro-organisms. There is no set time frame, standards or certification required to validate or prove any claims regarding the degradation process/time frame. Take years to break down. 


Made from renewable sources (corn starch). Has to adhere to strict European standards - Within 12 weeks no more than 10% of the original material remains in pieces bigger than 2mm, along with zero contamination of the soil. *Results based on ideal composting conditions. Leaves behind ZERO micro-plastics, just soil-enriching nutrients.

Fun fact - All things labelled compostable are in fact biodegradable, but all things labelled biodegradable aren't actually compostable - via European bioplastics

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