What's Furmoved?

Furmoved Pet Hair Removal Tool is here to make your life easier, by removing those stubborn embedded pet hairs that even the most upmarket hoover can't remove or gain access to. Furniture, clothes, stairs, cars, hard floors and cathouses will once again be pet hair free thanks to Furmoved.

Made by ourselves from plant-derived PLA (3D printed) and silicone sourced from a company in Yorkshire. Furmoved is set to change the way you clean up after your pets. We even took the step to list Furmoved as a registered design to thwart copycats and protect our investment.  
Go ahead and join the Fur-movement today!!

furmoved pet hair removal tool made by bag and boop
remove pet hair with Furmoved a pet hair detailing tool made in the UK by Bag And Boop