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Bag and boop compostable dog poop bags natural dog shampoo bars

About Us

Bag and Boop is a UK-registered business (registered as a sole trader with HMRC) inspired by our love for animals and the great outdoors. Myself (Mark) and my fiancée (Charli) and our two dogs (Lola & Cassie - unfortunately, Cassie passed away in June 2020) and three cats (Fry, Bear, and Shakira) all but Fry was adopted from various animal shelters over the years. 

Our purpose is to provide owners with ways to reduce their plastic paw print and make informed choices especially when it comes to grooming products. The amount of plastic waste and chemicals within so-called natural products is infuriating.


We spend most of our time exploring the Cheshire countryside and beyond, either for leisure or work (Charli has her own dog walking business ). It'd be fair to say we've become experts in picking up dog poo over the years - and wanted a more environmentally friendly way to collect and dispose of it. 

The solution, a plastic-free compostable poo bag that's made from renewable sources (cornstarch) and leaves behind zero micro-plastics, All of which degrades into soil-enriching nutrients within 180 days (within ideal conditions). 

Next on our list, we wanted to tackle, the number of harmful chemicals in dog soaps/shampoos and the array of plastic bottles they are packaged in. We spent months researching and testing various natural ingredients in search of the perfect bar. We are extremely proud to handmake our bars which consist of nothing but cruelty-free 100% natural ingredients. To date, we have six bars in the collection - One of the biggest handmade 100% natural shampoo bars ranges specifically for dogs currently in the UK.


Our range of natural cruelty-free and vegan-friendly homemade dog shampoo bars are specially formulated for your dog's needs and sense of smell. They're PH balanced, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals that leave your dog with a soft shiny coat. All this, minus plastic and harmful chemicals - we have bars for sensitive skin, fox poo removal, puppies, relaxing, repelling fleas and ticks.

Highlighted and inspired by our very own Lola, who suffered from a cracked dry nose. We once again sourced cruelty-free natural ingredients and produced our very own lick-safe natural nose and paw balm.  Our ever-expanding range of balms has helped dogs with numerous alignments throughout the UK - something we're very proud of.


Fun Fact: The poo bags and nose balm not only proved us with the Bag And Boop company name but also provided us with the opportunity to ask "Did you bag and boop today?" 

The arrival of our daughter (Lilah) in October 2020 proved to be yet another pivotal moment in deciding to launch Bag And Boop. We hope our efforts will inspire her to appreciate our love for nature, animals and its surroundings.


From us all at Bag And Boop, we appreciate your continued support and business.

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